Photo Gallery

*The cover photo was taken in the Sundarbans which is the largest mangrove forest in the world.

Our summer intern presenting his research on the ice penetrator current budget

Disc module that is consists of 8 hard discs with the memory of 32 TB. This disc module fills up quickly when VLBI antenna is in session.

Old VLBI magnetic tape recorder at Haystack. Now this was replaced by state of art machineries.

A raspberry pi and current sensor. We have an undergrad student who is using this simple hardware to study the current budget for autonomous ice penetrator that sends data through Iridium satellite.

A seismograph sensor of an autonomous ice penetrator. The same sensor was used in the seismometer in the Mars insight mission.

MIT Haystack Observatory where I work as a postdoc associate

Another view of Haystack radome.

Measuring the elevation of a coral head with high precision Trimble NetR9 with RTX

A small piece was collected for U/Th analysis

This simple bamboo structure was made to tow the sub-bottom profiler from the boat.

Dr. Steven Goodbred and I were fixing the cable of the CHIRP.

Highly populated Dhaka City.