Automatic processing of seismic, geodetic, and geophysics data from an Antarctic Ice Penetrator instrument

  1. Student Qualifications: Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering or a related science/engineering field with an interest in computer systems, seismology, and geodesy. Basic knowledge of embedded computers and Linux. Knowledge of Python and/or MATLAB. Passionate about scientific programming and polar science.

  2. Project Description: The student will architect and develop a software package to process seismic and geodetic data to study the physical state of the Antarctic cryosphere. The data will be collected by a SeismoGeodetic Ice Penetrator (SGIP) instrument and downloaded via satellite communications in near-real time after its expected Antarctic deployment in 2020. SGIP sensors include a geophysics-grade broadband seismometer, a geodetic-quality GPS receiver, and various meteorological and engineering parameters. In the course of this internship, the student will be trained with existing seismic and geodetic data from Antarctica that can be downloaded from public data servers, and will learn how to process and manipulate the data using publicly available computer packages and/or self-developed computer programs. The data analysis includes, but is not limited to, handling miniSEED seismic data, RINEX GPS data, and satellite imagery such as MODIS. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a science software package that can process SGIP data automatically, generating data products and visualization tools relevant to Antarctic cryospheric science.

Project Collaborators