You are at the right place, if you would like to learn Matlab from scratch. These tutorials are designed in a way that will guide you to learn Matlab as well as some numerical analysis techniques. All you have to do little research and follow instructions. The tutorials are DIY types - Do It Yourself. If you find any question - google or go to Matlab website.

Remember, this tutorial series has two fold objectives. Teaching Matlab and Numerical analysis. Therefore, please review introductory statistics, differential calculus, linear algebra and Least Squares method. Then you will be ready to rock.

Let's begin

Exercise 2: Writing a Matlab program to read a data file and create a plot with many subplots.

In this exercise, you will learn how to plots multiple graphs on one plots after reading data from a file.

Possible matlab function to use for reading file - load, textread, textscan, readtable

Possible matlab function to use for plotting - plot, subplot, errorbar, surf, scatter


  • Sensitivity analysis of a linear and non-linear system. Learn - which variable is contributing more.

  • Estimate parameters using Least Squares method. Such as linear and nonlinear regression, estimate trend, offset and periodic signal from timeseries.

  • Error propagation for a linear and non-linear system.

  • Big data analysis (Data file size is 15 GB, has 37 million rows)

  • Predictive analysis using Matlab