Computer Programs

  • Experienced with coding languages such as, MATLAB, GMT (Generic Mapping Tool), PYTHON, R, and Data Mining tool - SQL

  • ArcGIS, RockWorks, Coulomb 3.4,


GAMIT, GLOBK and TRACK form a comprehensive suite of programs for analyzing GNSS measurements primarily to study crustal deformation. The software has been developed by MIT, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Harvard University with support from the National Science Foundation.


R Studio


Trimble Business Center's field-to-finish survey CAD software helps surveyors deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project's lifecycle.


Coulomb is designed to investigate Coulomb stress changes on mapped faults and earthquake nodal planes, and is intended both for publication-directed research and for university teaching and instruction.

Kingdom Suite

Kingdom™ by IHS Markit integrates geoscience, geophysics and engineering into a single, easy-to-use software solution, enabling asset teams to make confident and faster decisions from exploration to completion.